Camp Herrlich Mission / Vision


The mission of Mount Tremper Outdoor Ministries is to provide individuals the opportunity to grow in an awareness of themselves, the rich diversity of God's natural world and their role in the global community. Our educational and recreational programs work toward developing ethnic harmony, environmental stewardship, community service and personal growth in an atmosphere of acceptance and love.


Our vision is to establish a dynamic learning and leadership center for children through seniors. We will provide positive recreational and educational programs to optimize personal and spiritual growth, foster international harmony, and encourage community partnerships to build foundations for an enriched quality of life for all. This center will be situated in a variety of suitable buildings that blend with the natural surroundings, wooded acreage and waterways that are accommodating, vibrant and inviting. This learning and leadership center will be a catalyst for individual achievement and a powerful beacon of good will, managed by a professional and trusted organization.

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