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Staff Testimonials:

"Camp has changed me in so many ways and given me more memories than I can count" - Luke B., New Zealand

"I want to thank you and the whole program staff for the amazing 2 years.  It was the best time of my life and camp made me look different at things now.  I believe I found the real me." - Djan, The Netherlands

"I'm working with an ASD client at the moment who has some really challenging behaviors and I wanted to acknowledge how working at Camp has prepared me to work really well with this client and how well Camp is equipped to work with young people with learning difficulties.  I've had some really great feedback from professionals I've been working with because of the experience and training I've had at Camp." - Chloe, United Kingdom

"I want to thank you, and everyone else (staff, campers, turtles), in the Camp Herrlich family for changing my life.  I originally came over to camp to challenge myself and to develop skills and never did I think I would enjoy it as much and end up developing a passion for working with children all while having the time of my life.  I am now looking into postgrad study to become a teacher and I would not have the confidence in myself or my skills without this experience... I am always using tips and tricks I learnt from camp to get through to kids and it is working." - Cody S., New Zealand

The most important aspect of any camp is the quality of its staff. At Camp Herrlich we pride ourselves on our long-standing tradition of hiring caring, competent, and experienced individuals, many of whom return year after year. Our staff is carefully selected from around the world and around the corner based on skills, maturity, ethical values and the ability to provide a positive experience for all the children we serve.  We are a family at Camp Herrlich and we have the highest expectations for all of our staff members.  

We are looking for dedicated, reliable and responsible individuals to join the Camp Herrlich team. Caring for children is a special job that requires patience, creativity, a good sense of humor, and leadership. We go to great lengths to find those persons who will be positive role models, will be true to the Camp Herrlich mission and uphold our philosophies, and will enrich the lives of the campers the most.  Campers will remember their "favorite" counselor for the rest of their lives.

When considering a staff position at Camp Herrlich, remember that we exist for the camper, and their needs always come first. Your role as a Camp Herrlich staff member will be challenging and demanding, rewarding and exhilarating at the same time. In short, we like to say "it's the hardest job you'll ever love!"

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Camp Herrlich Team, we invite you to complete a staff application. Three references are also required when being considered for hire. These references must be completed by individuals who are not family members.

Positions are limited!  We will begin accepting applications in December 2015 for Summer 2016.  All applications AND completed reference forms are due before March 1st, 2016.

As a Camp Herrlich staff member you will be required to complete an orientation before the summer begins.  You will be given orientation dates during your interview.

These following documents are available in Adobe .pdf format. If clicking on the documents below does not bring the document up, you may obtain the .pdf reader at no charge from here.

Employment Documents for Hired Staff:

i-9 Form (must be submitted with a copy of a photo ID and a social security card OR a valid US Passport)
W-4 Form
Voluntary Disclosure Form
Health Form

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